Bibles with Family Genealogies:

Gingerich-Kreider numbering codes are listed for Amish ancestors.

Birkey, John C. (1849-1920) John C. Birkey Bible

Coblentz, Daniel A. (1854-1926) CB1611 Daniel Coblentz Bible

Ebersole, Leroy B. (1907-1985) EB1253 Leroy B Ebersole Bible

Engell, Engel, Engle, John Hans, (ca1705-?), We believe this 1744 bible was a wedding gift from Ulrich Gerber to his daughter Barbara and her second husband Hans Engle, Langnau, Switzerland.  John Engle Bible

Geist, Abraham (1829-1908) Abraham Geist Bible

Gerber, Abraham (1769-1840) GB1a Abraham Gerber Bible

Guengerich, Gingerich, Jacob (1811-1864) GGB1  Jacob Guengerich Bible

Helmuth, Benjamin (1836-1895) HH26    Benjamin Helmuth Bible 1     Benjamin Helmuth Bible 2

Hochstetler, Noah H. (1823-1903) HS18e Noah H Hochstetler Bible

Holl, Peter (1774- ?) Peter Holl Bible

Holly, John (? – 1783) HLJ4, 1531 Froschauer Bible, Heritage Review Article, John Holly Bible

Hoobler, Jacob, (1795-1808), Baltic, Ohio pioneer, Jacob Hoobler Bible

Kline, Daniel E. (1891-1957) Daniel E. Kline Bible

Landis, Jacob, (1803-1879) Jacob Landis Bible

Lengacher, Peter, (1842-1904) Peter Lengacher Bible

Mast, Jacob E., (1854-1940) Jacob E. Mast Bible

May, George (1835-1899) George May Bible

Miller, Benjamin, (1842-1896) ML24415, son of “Glay” Mose Miller, well known Holmes County, Ohio Bishop. Benjamin Miller Bible

Miller, George W., (1865-1944) ML72244 George W. Miller Bible

Miller, John D. (1862-1953) ML221623 John D. Miller Bible

Miller, Mose J. (1826-1892) ML6228, grandson of pioneer “Broadrun” John Miller, Mose J. Miller Bible

Miller, Samuel C. (1866-1926) ML6139c Samuel C. Miller Bible

Miller, Michael D. (1809-1976) ML2234 Michael D. Miller Bible

Miller, Susanna, (1808-1885) ML2214, Daughter of “Lawyer” Yost Miller, Susanna Miller Bible

Oswald, Peter, (1804-1881) OS Peter Oswald Bible

Raber, Jacob, (1825-1902) RR22, son of immigrant Jacob Raber Jacob Raber Bible

Schmucker, Peter, (1818-1883) SMB4 Peter Schmucker Bible

Schlabach, Emanuel C. (1880-1946) SB8216 Emanuel C. Schlabach Bible

Schlabach, Noah J. (1867-1947) SB82a Noah J. Schlabach Bible

Schrock, Jacob (ca1788-1832) SKB1 Jacob Schrock Bible

Sell, Henry B. (1847-1909) KM1729 Henry B. Sell Bible

Smoker, Amos B. (1863-1921) SM1c38 Amos B. Smoker Bible

Smoker, Daniel L. (1877-1954) SM1c9c Daniel L. Smoker Bible

Stutzman, Jacob, (ca1824-ca1856) ST525, Son of Jonas “Der Weiss” Stutzman Jacob Stutzman Bible

Troyer, Daniel (1802-1881) TY27 Daniel Troyer Bible

Troyer, David A. (1827-1906) TYc12, Amish Bishop David A. Troyer Bible

Troyer, Michael, (1831-1888) TY281 Michael Troyer Bible

Troyer, Seth, (1832-1895) TY272 Seth Troyer Bible

Weaver, John, (1837-1918) WV841 John Weaver Bible

Wingard, Wenger, Christian, (1786-1882) WG1 Christian Wenger Bible