Amish Periodicals

Blackboard Bulletin – (Mostly Complete 1957-present) By the Amish publishing house, Pathway Publishers, monthly except for June and July. It is designed for Amish school teachers, but is also helpful for homeschool parents.
Die Blatt– A bi-weekly church paper serving the Amish community of Indiana. Includes where church will be held at, who’s moving, accidents/sicknesses, get well showers, births, obituaries, and classified ads.
Family Life
– (Complete 1968-present) printed by the Amish publishers, Pathway Publishers, 11 times per year. It contains articles on Christian living, parenting, and homemaking from an Amish perspective. It also contains editorials, letters from readers, medical advice, poems, recipes, and children stories.
Gemeinde Register – (Complete 1980-present) a bi-weekly church paper serving the Amish community of Ohio. It lists where Amish Church services will be held, who was baptized, youth singing schedules, address changes, births, deaths, sickness and accidents, weddings, get well showers, and classified ads.
Minutes of the Old Order Amish Steering Committee – (1966-present) Published in pamphlets, it contains minutes of the committee’s meetings, with questions and answers on issues of concern to the Amish.
NIAL News Lines (Northern Indiana Amish Library) (2010-present) Published in LaGrange, IN. The newsletter contains history, genealogy, and happenings at the library.
Pilgrim’s Pathway – (Complete 2015-present) Printed bi-monthly by Paul Raber Jr., Sugarcreek, Ohio. An Anabaptist perspective promoting biblical standards for the home, church, and school.
Plain Things – (Complete 2013-present) Published bi-monthly in Caneyville, Kentucky, by Aaron Stoll, editor. It contains articles and letters on life and thought in the Plain Community. Especially helpful for “Seekers” desiring to live in a plain community.
Raber’s Almanac – (Mostly complete 1930-present) Published yearly by Raber’s Book Store, Baltic, Ohio. The almanac also contains extensive lists of Amish Minister/churches throughout the United States.  
The Diary of the Old Order Churches – (Mostly Complete 1969-present) Published monthly in Gordonville, PA. Contains letters from various Amish communities, births, marriages, obituaries, migrations, accidents, and historical information.
Young Companion – (Complete 1966-present) By the Amish publishing house, Pathway Publishers, 11 times per year. It was named Ambassador of Peace from 1966 to 1970. It is targeted toward teens and children. It contains stories with Christian messages, adventure stories, and Amish romances.