The library has over 600 Amish/Mennonite genealogy books in its collection. The primary focus is on Amish ancestry and the greater Holmes County, Ohio area. While many genealogies can be found online, the personal stories recorded in these books are not online. These stories, photos, and tidbits of information add a dimension beyond the charts.

We have several Amish and/or local newspapers and periodicals in digital form including The Budget, Sugarcreek, OH, Die Botschaft, Millersburg, PA, The Diary, Kirkwood, PA, Holmes County Farmer-Hub, Millersburg, OH. These primary sources can provide valuable information for family histories, genealogy, and Amish/Mennonite researchers. 

We can also help you utilize online resources, including Family Search, SAGA (Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Society), and others. 

Our experienced staff can assist you with ideas and suggestions to help you dig deeper into your family history.